Custom products and designs

Discovering thoughtful and memorable details—particularly in unexpected places—distinguishes a brand in the guest’s mind. From private labeling to bespoke product development, we guide you through the process of creating a differentiated guest experience—without necessarily spending more.


Distinguish your property and pamper your guests with a custom bed linen program

  • Fabrics: ELS cotton, Pima cotton, cotton/poly blends, Supima, combed cotton, microfiber, eco-friendly fibers
  • Thread counts: T250, T-300, T-320, T-360, T-400
  • Weaves: percale, sateen, twill
  • Designs: embroidery, jacquard woven designs in tone on tone or with added color, color accents, piped or corded hem designs, color hem thread
  • Private label: a distinctive way to establish your property’s brand with elegant or bold custom label designs

How often do you find the wrong towel or sheet in your laundry? Having custom labels or a distinct design can help the laundry identify your linen and get it back to you.


Spoil your guests with indulgent comfort using our fully custom bath towel, robe, and slipper programs.

  • Woven logos, embroidery, color accents, custom designs
  • Combed cotton, zero-twist cotton, ring spun cotton, Supima Cotton and Pima cotton, eco-friendly materials
  • We can produce towels on a jacquard loom for those special designs, allowing for more design flexibility
  • Everything from thick and thirsty towels to plush-yet-lightweight & laundry-friendly, to cost-effective options because your towels walk out before they wear out
  • Private label


Details matter, and custom accessories take the guest experience to the next level.

  • Materials include resin, wood, metal, mixed materials, leather & faux leather, and sustainable materials.
  • We can create a program that will complement the aesthetics of guestroom and bathroom design in terms of function, size, and color. From simple and practical to unique and bold.

Custom product can be an additional source of revenue and brand awareness if you offer guests the opportunity to purchase for their home. We can help you set up and manage this program.


Custom amenities go a long way in telling your brand story and leaving a lasting impression.

  • Custom fragrances, formulations, packaging
  • Custom bottle size, soap bar weights, wall dispenser designs
  • Eco friendly, biodegradable, plastic-free options